Saturday Night Fights. “Ring Girls” and Cage Boxing

Article and photos by Associate Blog Mistress – Liz Heidhues

Liz and Lee attended the Bay Area’s biggest Pro/Amateur Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fight event at San Francisco’s ancient Kezar Pavilion Saturday, March 23, 2019.

Over 3000 men and women howled, whistled, stomped, booed and cheered at Dragon House 31’s cage fights.

Scantily clad “Ring Girls” added to the allure and excitement of the gladiator style competition for glory in the cage.

“Ring Girls” are reputedly paid $18,000 yearly for walking around the ring displaying a lot of skin and carrying a sign showing the number of the upcoming fight round.

Controversy exists for all-female fights, in that the “Ring Girls” are paid more than female cage fighters. There was only one Professional female bout on the evening’s  fight card, but a full complement of “Ring Girls” entertaining the crowd strutting their stuff throughout a night of nearly 20 fights. 


Liz and Lee attended the Dragon House 31 fights to cheer on Brandon Chew (photo above on left) from Tat Wong Kung Fu Dragon House, San Francisco.

After a fierce three round battle, Brandon won the San Francisco Amateur Championship.

Fighter Brandon Chew is one of Liz’s Sifu’s at Tat Wong, where Liz studies and works for her Blackbelt.

She aims to reach the sought after Blackbelt status by age 73.

Attached is a Wikipedia article on”Ring Girls.”

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