Nepotism!!! San Francisco Mayor taps crony Loftus DA 32 days before election


All too typical  San Francisco with its snarky and hardball politics.

In a display of blatant nepotism and political power San Francisco Mayor London Breed has named her crony Suzy Loftus as interim District Attorney.

The cold blooded politics of this move should give San Franciscans pause about Breed’s method of governance.  In a tight race with four candidates the Mayor is obviously attempting to swing the election to her favored candidate.

Supporters of Chesa Boudin immediately took to the streets on Friday to express their outrage at the venue where the interim DA was being trotted out for a celebratory moment.

Excerpted from San Francisco Chronicle 10.4.2019

San Francisco Mayor London Breed on Friday appointed Suzy Loftus as interim district attorney following George Gascón’s surprising resignation a day earlier, shaking up the race for the city’s next top prosecutor just one month before voters go to the polls.

“This is obviously a power grab by an establishment that is determined to protect itself rather than the people of San Francisco,” Chesa Boudin said. “Voters will see this is about politics, not public safety. I’m confident our campaign can overcome this last-minute effort to preserve the status quo. San Francisco voters want a D.A. that’s accountable to them, not the mayor.”

Loftus DA II 10.4.2019

The announcement was met with protest and accusations of a “power grab” and “political cronyism” from the other three candidates as Breed had already thrown her support behind Loftus. It’s unclear whether the mayor’s move will ultimately give Loftus a bump in the tight election race.

Still, when news of the appointment broke Friday morning, the three other candidates blasted the mayor’s decision and accused her of attempting to meddle in the election.

The four candidates in the race — Loftus, Chesa Boudin, Nancy Tung and Leif Dautch — were all hitting the homestretch of their campaigns, but the sudden resignation and appointment is expected to become a central focus the rest of the way.

Dautch said voters “deserve the right to choose their next district attorney on a clean slate.”

“When I received the letter yesterday from the district attorney announcing his resignation, I couldn’t help but get excited about the future because I know that Suzy Loftus is the right person to do it,” Breed said at a press conference at the Far East Cafe in Chinatown. “We don’t just leave an office open just because there’s an election coming up.”