Native artist Liz Heidhues draws out Progressive SF Hypocrisy

Lee Heidhues 12.5.2022

Liz Heidhues is a marvelous creative artist.

Her satirical, political cartoons poking fun at the ruling class of San Francisco City Hall are just as powerful, perhaps more impactful, as the written word.

Liz latest cartoon calls out Mayor London Breed for her continuing assault on civil liberties, her glorification of law enforcement. Breed’s unrelenting assault on San Francisco progressives.

Following is a retrospective of Liz political artistic brilliance as it relates to City Hall politics.

Her other art work covers the battle for JFK Promenade, The Great Walkway, Dede Wilsey, The Recall of Chesa Boudin, the ascension of 153K “Volunteer” Puppet DA Brooke Jenkins, and Nightcrawler SF Chronicle columnist Heather Knight.

Liz majored in commercial art at Oakland Technical High. The art teacher Mr. Coy was a Marine style drill sergeant demanding the best from his students.

Liz entered San Francisco State University as an Art major. But the 1968-1969 Student Strike short circuited her career plans. She switched her Major to English and put her drawing pencils on the shelf for decades. It was the Recall of Progressive DA Chesa Boudin which inspired Liz to resume her talent.

Mayor London Breed and her City Hall trolls – August 2021
HER MAJESTY – “OFF CHESA’S HEAD!” – said the QUEEN. – July 2022
Glimpse into sausage making at SF City Hall. Mayor London Breed and her toadies with blindfolded SFPD – DA Brooke Jenkins, Supervisor Matt Dorsey and Nancy TungSeptember 2022
London Breed and her handpicked Puppet DA Brooke Jenkins on the sinking ship USS Public Safety – October 2022
Mayor Breed in a parody of The Emperor’s New Clothes – “But the Empress Has No Clothes” – Cried A Child! – September 2022
Brooke Jenkins – The #1 Choice of Criminals and Mercenaries – August 2022
Handpicked by Mayor London Breed – Queen of the Puppet DAs – August 2022
Wannabe Puppet DA Nancy Tung – June 2022
San Francisco Doyenne Dede Wilsey – De Young Museum President Emeritus Board of Directors – The FAMSF and Dede Wilsey spent 800K to destroy JFK Promenade so that motorists could continue to destroy the environment. Drive and park on this car free sanctuary. November 2022
Tom Campbell – CEO Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Never again stealing JFK Promenade from a Baby. The Baby cut his teeth.
Connie Chan – SF Supervisor Opened Environmental Sanctuary Car Free Great Walkway to Cars – August 2021
Supervisor Connie Chan – Destroyer of car free spaces in San FranciscoAugust 2021
Connie Chan was elected as a Progressive in 2020 and then turned on her supporters to try and destroy car free JFK Promenade and The Great Walkway.
Connie Chan – Daughter of the Oil Industry Sucks
Progressive Connie ‘Chameleon’ – September 2021
Michael Shellenberger MD – Snake Oil Productions – Mass Incarceration – Author of San Fransicko – December 2021
San Francisco Chronicle columnist Heather Knight Crawler – October 2021