German journalist defended over ‘Nazis out’ Twitter controversy

German journalist posted an anti-Nazi slogan.  The post earned her vitriol and death threats from far-right users.

Deutsche Welle 1.7.2019

Prominent German lawmakers and journalists have posted messages of support for a journalist who was virulently criticized for posting “Nazis out” (“Nazis raus”) on her personal Twitter account.

“What @nicolediekmann is experiencing right now, as a woman, as a journalist, as a democrat, affects us all,” wrote the Greens’ parliamentary leader, Katrin Göring-Eckardt.

The phrase — a play on the neo-Nazi phrase “Foreigners Out” — is a well-known anti-fascist slogan in Germany. Nicole Diekmann, a journalist at public broadcaster ZDF, received hundreds of comments and thousands of retweets after she posted it on New Year’s Day.

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While many comments were supportive, others lashed out at her for using the phrase and writing, “Everyone who doesn’t vote for the Green Party” in a sarcastic reply to one user who asked her: “Who is a Nazi?” Some of the posts implicitly called for Diekmann’s murder.

The controversy intensified on Monday after the Berliner Zeitung newspaper published a commentary denouncing Diekmann’s critics, leading many German publications and politicians from the Greens, Social Democrats (SPD) and Left Party to publish posts with the hashtag “#NazisRaus” (Nazis Out).