Our 12 year old dog Jack makes 5 day – 15 mile journey along Pacific Coast to home


September 15, 2019

Our 12 year old lab mix Jack was found by a kindly gentleman at 44th Avenue and Irving in San Francisco around 10 am this morning after 115 hours and many miles traveling along the Pacific Coast shoreline near San Francisco.

A network of volunteers blanketed the area with Posters and contacted a network of dog walkers, professional organizations, volunteer groups and offices in two counties in the effort. In the end it was one Poster seen by a conscientious citizen which resulted in Jack coming home.

In reality Jack knew it was time and ALLOWED himself to be found.

Jack made an amazing journey from the Westmoor area below Daly City (lower circle map) to 44th Ave and Irving (upper circle near GGP map).


Jack was on his way to the Doggie Bath-o-Matt at 41st Avenue and Irving. Jack had turned up from the beach at precisely the spot of this route.

Jack went rogue around 16:00 on 9.10.19, just a day after he arrived at the dog boarder’s home in Daly City where he was to have stayed during our 10 day trip to Montana.

We left Missoula as soon as we could book a flight out.

Jack is 12-years old. The pads of his feet are raw. He is tired, hungry, and thirsty. Otherwise, he seems to be in good shape.

He will be checked by Balboa Pet Hospital

Jack must have encountered many dangers on his 5-day journey home. He evaded the dog catcher’s net. San Mateo County Animal Care and Control chased him and was unable to nab him. He evaded coyotes, traffic, and other people.

Thank goodness Jack is back. I was grief stricken looking at the possibility of losing my dear companion, Jack. The sounds of crashing furniture and shrieks of frustration could be heard heard both at the Inn in Missoula and from my office when we returned to San Francisco.

We adopted him as a rescue dog nearly eight years ago.

We worked indefatigably to find Jack. We connected to an amazing network of women who have dedicated their lives to re-uniting lost dogs with their grieving owners. They continue their efforts in the face of hatred and enmity towards decent people by President Trump.

The women wanted to show others that women care about others in need. One is a retired San Francisco Deputy City Attorney who worked in the Department of Public Health for 10 years. The other is a good samaritan who assisted in the effort and provided a lot of practical advice.

Happily, the resourceful Jack made his way home by himself and the cadre of volunteers could move onto another Dog rescue project.