Filmmaker Costa-Gavras. His new film on the Greek financial crisis

Two of my favorite political films are “Z” and “Missing. Both are political thrillers putting into Cinema the world of government oppression and tyranny.  “Z” told the story of the assassination of a Greek politician in the 1960’s.  “Missing” is a true story. It recounts the execution by the Chilean military of an American Citizen in Santiago, Charles Horman.  He was caught up in the tyranny following the Augusto Pinochet Coup which overthrew the elected government of Salvador Allende on 9.11.1973, a Coup which was actively promoted by President Nixon and Henry Kissinger.

Excerpted from Deutsche Welle 9.28.2019

The new film from Costa-Gavras about the Greek financial crisis, ‘Adults in the Room,’ will celebrate its Greek premiere on September 29. The film is based on the book by former Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis.

The new film from Costa-Gavras about the Greek financial crisis, Adults in the Room, has its Greek premiere on September 29. The film is based on the book of the same name by the former Greek finance minister and political dissident, Yanis Varoufakis, which recounts the strained circumstances around the 2015 Greek financial bail-out.

Costa-Gavras is the winner of two Oscars for Z (1969) and Missing (1982). With this new movie, he has created a furious, insightful and at times funny political thriller centering around the audacious Varoufkis. The veteran Greek director aims to offer some explanation of a financial world gone mad — and one of the worst crises to emerge out of the EU financial crisis. DW asked the director a few questions about the new film.

Costa Gavras II 9.28.2019

“Z” 1969

DW: Adults in the Room is based on the non-fiction book by Yanis Varoufakis. What made you think that this book would make a good movie?

Costa-Gavras: The book had a strong main character speaking about a specific period of time and what happened to him. It was really helpful that Varoufakis had made a lot of recordings and a lot of notes. So I was able to verify everything he says in the book by reading his speeches and by listening to what others have said.

There are two main characters in the movie: Greece and Europe. Each defends their side forcibly, aggressively and, in my opinion, violently. And in a way I think that everyone is right. Even people who look like the bad guys are right because they’re defending something very serious.

You’ve been in the film industry for decades. What do you think the future of cinema will be like?

Cinema is going through a huge revolution. Look what’s happening with Netflix, for example. A positive part of this is that everyone can watch movies. Everyone in their own homes, in small villages or big cities, everywhere. And we don’t pay much money, which wasn’t possible before. On the other hand, this means the movies are hidden away and can be forgotten about very quickly. You don’t hear anything about them again and it’s difficult to find out information like how many people have watched those movies. That is the negative part of services like Netflix.

Costa Gavras III 9.28.2019

“Missing” 1982.  Sissy Spacek and Jack Lemon

But on the plus side: everyone can make a movie. If you have a camera and a couple of friends you can make a movie.

What do you want the viewers of Adults in a Room to take home?

That’s up to them. I don’t want to teach them. I tell stories in my movies just like I would with friends: I just tell the story, I don’t tell them when to laugh. It’s exactly like that as a director. We ask questions about this and that. And if we have good questions, then that’s even better. We don’t have the solutions.