Matt Gonzalez: Chief Attorney in Public Defender’s office All In for Chesa Boudin

Matt Gonzalez is one of the most respected public officials in San Francisco. He is Chief Trial Attorney in the Public Defenders office, a former President of the Board of Supervisors and Mayoral candidate who nearly defeated Gavin Newsom in 2003.

Matt is smart, articulate, street wise and has worked with Chesa Boudin for years.

Matt’s endorsement is thorough, detailed and debunks every bogus argument put forth by Chesa’s opponents. Specifically, Matt calls out the vicious and lie filled campaign now blanketing the airwaves and mailboxes in San Francisco.

Following the untimely death of Jeff Adachi last February, a vocal segment of San Franciscans urged that Matt Gonzalez be appointed Public Defender by the Mayor. He did not receive the appointment.

Anyone who really cares about who is elected District Attorney Tuesday and has any doubts about Chesa should read Matt’s words.

November 2, 2019

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Who’s Afraid of Chesa Boudin?

The reactionary San Francisco Police Officers Association (POA) has mounted several T.V. and mail attacks that misrepresent what Boudin believes in. It’s their hope that voters will be frightened of a candidate who has pledged to hold police accountable and who has committed himself to implementing restorative justice and alternatives to incarceration. It remains to be seen whether anyone cares what the POA thinks, given that in the last San Francisco mayor’s race, their endorsed candidate finished with just 7% of the vote. Despite their unpopularity their PAC (and associated law enforcement PACs) have thus far spent an estimated $700,000 in this race, which is more than Boudin has raised, to try deterring voters from considering his candidacy.

Suzy and Greg Suhr 11.2.2019.jpeg

“Interim” DA Suzy Loftus and ex Chief Greg Suhr. He endorsed Suzy.

Why is the POA so invested in this election?

When considering the arguments the POA makes against Boudin, keep in mind that the POA doesn’t have the greatest track record for engaging in lawful activity and protecting San Franciscans. They vigorously defended their members who sent racist text messages on personal phones while on duty. These texts included use of the word “n — ,” as well as disparaging comments about LGBTQ persons. The POA also defended police officers who were ultimately convicted in federal court and sentenced to prison for writing false police reports and entering homes without warrants or consent in the Henry Hotel scandal. Could it be that the POA is afraid of Chesa Boudin because they know he will hold them accountable for their actions?