Violent beating of three seniors in Chinatown sparks fear, outrage

While law enforcement has been attacking the newly elected District Attorney, what have the San Francisco cops been doing for years to stop the senseless crime which is happening on their watch?  

The Police Officers Association can criticize the District Attorney.  That’s easy.

Law enforcement needs to take a hard look at itself. If the cops aren’t apprehending the suspects so that they can be prosecuted then the POA has no business calling out the DA.

San Francisco Chronicle 11.11.2019

The violent beating of three older men captured on video in San Francisco’s Chinatown over the weekend has sparked fear and outrage among some residents in the city’s Chinese-American community, who said they feel increasingly targeted following several high-profile attacks on the neighborhood’s most vulnerable residents.

Chinatown Beatings II 11.11.2019.jpg

No one has been arrested and no suspects have been identified in the attack. Supervisor Aaron Peskin, whose district includes Chinatown, visited the scene on Monday and said police believe the same vehicle in the attack was involved in another robbery the day before.

“We do not tolerate this violence in San Francisco,” he said. “We’re going to apprehend these criminals.”

In that case, a man violently wrestled a woman’s purse away from her outside the Garden Bakery on Jackson Street. He then jumped into an SUV matching the description from Saturday’s incident and disappeared.

“In almost 20 years on and off the board of supervisors, I’ve never seen violence like this in District Three, particularly in the senior-filled community of Chinatown,” Peskin said. “I am more than concerned about it.”

The police department has “saturated” the area with officers as investigators work to track down the group, Peskin said.

A citizen captured the disturbing video of the attack from an overhead perch, showing four assailants ambushing a group at Clay Street and Walter U. Lum Place on the southwest corner of Portsmouth Square just after 9 p.m. Saturday.

Officials said the violence erupted after one of the attackers ripped the cell phone from a man’s hand and others tried to intervene only to be pummeled.

One assailant cold-cocked a man with a sweeping roundhouse punch, leaving him unconscious on his back as others struggled in the street feet away. The marauders then jumped into a waiting sport utility vehicle and sped off.

Three victims, all men ages 63, 67 and 68, were left with varying injuries, police said. Two were treated at San Francisco General Hospital and later released. A third was checked out by paramedics and released at the scene.