Germans should know. Trump is more dangerous than Kim Jong Un and Putin

The Germans certainly have credibility in determining who is a “Dangerous” leader.

It’s a sad fact too many Americans go blithely along believing the Buffoon in Washington is a competent leader. What do you expect?  This is the voting public which gave the World Ronald Reagan and Bush 43.

Excerpted from Deutsche Welle 12.26.2019

When asked who posed the greatest threat to world peace, Germans in a recent poll overwhelmingly pointed to one person — Donald Trump. The US president beat out the leaders of North Korea, Russia, China and Iran.

Trump the Dictator 1.26.2019

Although Washington is one of Germany’s closest allies, public trust in the US has significantly eroded under President Donald Trump, a new YouGov survey showed.

Germans were asked who was more dangerous: North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Russian President Vladimir Putin or US President Donald Trump.

Some 41% of Germans said they thought Trump was the most dangerous out of the five world leaders.

In second place was Kim with 17%, followed by Putin and Khamenei with 8%. Coming in last was China’s Xi with 7%.

Over 2,000 people in Germany took part in the survey, which was commissioned by news agency dpa.