Happiness is a warm gun. Welcome to America. Gun rights whack jobs take aim

John Lennon sang “Happiness is a warm gun.”  He was cut down by an assassin’s bullet.

It’s a fitting commentary that on Martin Luther King Day, an advocate of non-violence, who was assassinated 52 years ago the gun toting crazies strut their warped view of civil rights for all the world to see.

Washington Post 1.20.2020

Thousands of gun rights supporters from Virginia and across the country are coming to Richmond for a rally in opposition to gun-control laws being advanced by the General Assembly’s new Democratic majority. After threats and indications of potential violence, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) ordered a state of emergency and banned guns from Capitol Square; gun-control groups and advocates for other causes are staying away from what in the past has been a day of citizen lobbying on a wide range of issues. Gun rights activists and militias are dividing into two groups: those who will shed their weapons and enter the secured area, and those who will remain armed and in the streets outside the capitol complex.

Richmond Gun Rally I I 1.20.2020.jpg