Dog and owner reunited after 4 months. Stolen pet found 370 miles from home

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In the time of Covid-19 there is the rare good news story to bark about.

 Here you are.

San Francisco Chronicle 4.21.2020

San Francisco police have arrested a 27-year-old Palmdale (370 miles south of The City) man in the theft of a dog outside a Bernal Heights grocery store last December, police said Tuesday.

Police said the arrest was “the direct result of dogged work by investigators” from the SFPD and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office.

Dog found II 4.21.2020

The dog’s owner, Emilie Talermo, learned Monday that Jackson, a blue-eyed mini Australian shepherd, had been left at a shelter in Los Angeles County. Shelter staff scanned and detected a microchip, and the dog and owner were reunited Tuesday morning.

A representative from the SFPD picked the dog up in Santa Monica and drove him back to San Francisco, arriving early Tuesday morning. A video provided by SFPD showed Jackson barking happily and licking Talermo’s face as the two were reunited.

Last Friday, police said, they arrested Nicholas Bravo, 27, of Palmdale, on suspicion of felony grand theft in Jackson’s disappearance. Bravo was already in custody at the San Joaquin County Jail on unrelated charges and was cited to appear in San Francisco Superior Court this summer, police said.

Police did not say who had the dog or who dropped him off at the shelter.

Talermo’s search for Jackson included starting a website called “Bring Jackson Home” and hiring a plane to fly a banner over San Francisco after he disappeared last December. She offered a $7,000 reward for the dog’s return and said Monday the community had rallied to help her get the word out across the state.

On Monday, Talermo, 31, said she received a call saying the 6-year-old Jackson had been delivered to Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control. She said she’d “busted into tears” after the shelter sent her pictures to confirm Jackson’s identity and that friends in the area had retrieved him