Murder by the State. 50 years since the Massacre of four students at Kent State

Time passes all too quickly.

There are some events we never forget.  The assassination of President Kennedy. The assassination of Martin Luther King. The assassination of Robert Kennedy. September 11.

There is another obscene event which will stain American history forever.

On Monday May 4, 1970 protests rocked America following President Nixon’s “incursion” into Cambodia.

At Kent State in Ohio National Guardsmen opened fire on unarmed students and massacred four of them. It was an appalling, shameful and shocking event which still resonates throughout American culture.

It is a stain which will never be erased.

Lee Heidhues

Kent State I 5.41970

Kent State II 5.41970.jpg

Following are  links to the State sanctioned murders of four unarmed students.

The Wikipedia recitation of the massacre and its aftermath.

The Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song “Ohio” complete with disturbing graphic photos of the murders.