Trump administration to file lawsuit blocking John Bolton’s book

Breaking News 4.15.2019

Trump is once again showing his total disdain and disregard for an open, free and independent  media.

The latest attack on the free press by  insidious con artist Trump will be to stop publication of the tell all memoir by ex National Security Adviser, the mustachioed John Bolton. In legal terms it’s called “prior restraint.”

The irony of all this is not lost on the political class. For years John Bolton was the darling of the hard core right wing political establishment.

Now he is being feted by everyone including many who previously scorned him. He may become a beacon of the right to free speech.

The Hill 6.15.2020

The Trump administration plans to file a lawsuit blocking next week’s release of a book authored by former national security adviser John BoltonABC News reported Monday.

Sources familiar with the matter told the network that the lawsuit seeking an injunction from publication in its current form is expected to be filed in federal court in the coming days. The book, published by Simon & Schuster, is slated for release on June 23.

The White House, National Security Council and Justice Department did not immediately return requests for comment.


Last week, the White House told Bolton his manuscript draft contained classified material. The White House said it would give Bolton a redacted copy of his book by June 19.

The NSC team and Bolton’s representatives have disputed throughout the year whether the information in the manuscript covers classified information.

John Bolton I 6.15.2020

The White House informed Bolton in January that the book had “significant amounts of classification.” White House deputy counsel John Eisenberg cautioned in a letter to Bolton’s attorney Charles Cooper this month that the book’s release could pose a national security threat.

Bolton’s book is expected to detail “Trump misconduct with other countries” beyond Ukraine, Axios first reported last week. The president’s previous interactions with Ukraine led to his impeachment last year.

The first interview with Bolton since he finished his memoir will air Sunday on ABC News.

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