It’s about time. San Francisco’s Outside Lands canceled this year. Greed denied.

Breaking News 4.15.2019

The malicious corporate greed of Greg Perloff and his Another Planet Entertainment money grubbing juggernaut has been laid low for a year in San Francisco.

Thank goodness.

It’s incredible and is indicative of their self-absorption thatAnother Planet did not acknowledge the Pandemic months ago.  Instead, these avaricious entertainment promoters held off on doing the right thing in the name of public health until the last moment.

Thankfully Golden Gate Park will be spared the trauma inflicted upon its precious lands this year.  The entire event should be cancelled.  Forever.

Outside Lands was, is and always will be greed personified.

San Francisco Chronicle 6.24.2020

Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, the banner three-day concert scheduled to take place in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park on Aug. 7-9, is officially canceled for the year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Outside Lands I 6.24.2020.jpg