“The Conversation” and its dark look at the perils of personal surveillance

Lee Heidhues 7.20.2020

Surveillance is a weapon.

It is used by law enforcement and private citizens. Too often the goal of personal surveillance is damage to and destruction of the other party.

The most egregious type of surveillance is when the party conducting the surveillance loses a sense of objectivity and becomes personally involved.

The Conversation II 1.12.2020

At that point the neutrality of the party conducting the surveillance is totally compromised

The result can be ruinous for everyone.

The Conversation V 7.20.2020.jpg

The 1974 film directed by Francis Ford Coppola goes deep into this issue.

This is the second of four Posts on Surveillance in cinema.  The next will be the movie Red (1994).


The Conversation III 1.12.2020