The psychological effect of involvement in euthanasia is substantial.

Physicians, trained in the fundamentals of promoting human wholeness and carrying out euthanasia according to patients’ wishes, are shocked, have a sense of powerlessness, and feelings of isolation.

Lay people can experience the same emotions.


Your departure leaves a hole in the sandy beach of my life.

The hole gapes and threatens,

It might swallow me when I step into it.

I look for holes when I run barefoot in the surf, to avoid them.

My ears sift through the musical roar of waves, eroding the sandy beach of my life.

I returned you to the opalescent fog,

To the backdrop where the brown pelicans soar, in formation, soundless.

There is no sound gushing between you and I any more.

The silent memory is all I have.

I hoard this memory like precious gold.

The memory cannot be shared. 

It too will erode, like the sandy beach of my life –  where you left me at.

Poem by Liz Heidhues 7.26.2020

Cubist canine II 7.26.2020


Drawing – Carla Sonheim

Photo – Great Highway Ocean Beach, San Francisco – Lee Heidhues