Blade Runner 2020. “En plein air” photos in a year of apocalyptic wildfires.

Every Picture Tells a Story – Dystopian Edition

The skies above San Francisco are orange, brown and gray.

From a non-existent sunrise through midday when the sky is almost totally dark through sunset.

It is a scene straight from a Sci Fi movie. The atmosphere is well captured in the 2017 film Blade Runner 2049.

Today is a day when life imitates art.

Photos – Liz Heidhues and Lee Heidhues.

Photos at Fort Miley, the Great Highway, the Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park, and the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.


Liz Crow 9.10.jpg

Great Highway I.jpg

Great Highway III

Polo Field II

Joan of Arc.jpg

Behind VA I

566 40th Avenue 8AM

Lee and Jack.jpg

Golf Course