Germany: Thousands protest against COVID-19 rules in Berlin

A segment of the German population is unhappy with restrictions imposed on the citizenry in response to The Pandemic.  Ignoring social distancing and shelter in place are the norm.

The difference between Germany and America is simply stated.

The German government led by Angela Merkel, herself a scientist, has taken strong measures to combat the Covid-19 virus. The German government has modified its policies over the months while continuing to keep firm restrictions in place.

In America there is Donald Trump. Nothing more need be said except to point out this country is having a massive increase in the number of daily infections and deaths.

Deutsche Welle 10.26.2020

The German capital,  has one of the nation’s highest infection rates.

Some 2,000 demonstrators gathered at Berlin’s Alexanderplatz on Sunday to protest against the German capital’s coronavirus restrictions, according to local authorities.

German Covid-19 resurgence I 8.27.2020

Berlin police said it deployed 600 officers to disperse the crowd. They said on Twitter that, “for the most part, neither minimum distance nor the obligation to cover one’s mouth and nose was observed.”

Pink heart balloons and protest signs could be seen among the protesters. Many people shouted: “We are here and we are loud because we are being robbed of our freedom” and “we are the people” among other things.

Elderly people and families with children were among the crowd, according to the DPA news agency.

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Protesters were set to march down Karl-Marx-Allee to the Kosmos convention center about 2.7 kilometers (1.6 miles) away.


The venue was originally scheduled to host the World Health Summit on Sunday, but the conference was moved online due to rising infection rates in the German capital.

German Health Minister Jens Spahn and other members of the Robert Koch Institute, Germany’s health authority, were scheduled to speak at the conference.

But after protesters repeatedly ignored orders to socially distance and put on masks, police began dispersing the crowd.

Some demonstrators broke away from the group and gathered at Kosmos, which was closed off with fences.

Counterprotesters could also be seen outside the convention center. Most of them were wearing black clothing and shouting “Nazis out.”

German Covid protests II 10.26.2020.jpg

Berlin has seen multiple protests against coronavirus restrictions, with one at the end of August attracting more than 30,000 demonstrators.

Earlier on Sunday, Berlin authorities said bottles and other incendiary devices were thrown at a building for the Robert Koch Institute for infectious diseases.

Another demonstration that was expected to draw 10,000 protesters was scheduled to take place on Sunday evening near the Berlin zoo, but police said it was called off.