Vicious Trump kills gray wolves. Ends endangered species protections

Breaking News 4.15.2019

Just five days before the election the totally immoral and narcissistic Audience of One Trump has effectively designated North America’s gray wolf population for extinction.

This vile and unconscionable act has one goal.  Appeal to what’s left of his Base as Trump stares into the crosshairs of defeat on November 3.

One of the first things the Biden Administration must do is rescind this murderous and inhumane decision.

The Hill 10.29.2020

The Trump administration removed endangered species protections for the gray wolf Thursday, paving the way for hunting of the species even as environmentalists argue it has not yet recovered.

The rule from the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) lifts protections for the wolves in the continental U.S., except for a small band of Mexican gray wolves present in Arizona and New Mexico.

grey wolve I 10.29.2020.jpg

The move ends more than 45 years of protections for the species — something that has been opposed by conservation groups and members of Congress.

“After more than 45 years as a listed species, the gray wolf has exceeded all conservation goals for recovery. Today’s announcement simply reflects the determination that this species is neither a threatened nor endangered species based on the specific factors Congress has laid out in the law,” Interior Secretary David Bernhardt said in a statement.

Environmentalists have already said they will challenge the rule in court.

“This is no ‘Mission Accomplished’ moment for wolf recovery,” Kristen Boyles, an Earthjustice attorney, said in a statement. 

grey wolve II 10.29.2020.jpg

“Wolves are only starting to get a toehold in places like Northern California and the Pacific Northwest, and wolves need federal protection to explore habitat in the Southern Rockies and the Northeast. This delisting decision is what happens when bad science drives bad policy — and it’s illegal, so we will see them in court.”

The gray wolf population was around 1,000 when the species was first listed, and the FWS now says those figures are now closer to 6,000.

A peer review commissioned by the government largely opposed the delisting proposal.