Madame Tussauds Berlin dumps Trump into dumpster before Election Day

The citizens of Germany  know something that America will soon believe,  happily acknowledge and party on down.

In just three days Trump will be more than tossed into a trashbin at Madame Tussaud’s in Berlin. 

Trump next role is  the ashbin of history where he can sit amongst other failed wannabe crackpot despots.  Good riddance.

My good friend Jean Barish sent me this breaking news.

New York Daily News 10.31.2020

President Trump is deeply unpopular in Germany, according to a Pew Research Poll published last month, which shows 26% of Germans view the U.S. favorably. Only one in ten Germans expressed confidence in Trump.

“Today’s activity is rather of a symbolic character ahead of the elections in the United States,” museums marketing manager Orkide Yalcindag told news outlets. “We here at Madame Tussauds Berlin removed Donald Trump’s waxwork as a preparatory measure.”

Trump cartoon III 10.21.2020

The wax figure was wheeled out in a trash receptacle with a sticker on it reading “Dump Trump, make America great again.” It was pushed past statues of president Reagan and Obama as photographers snapped away.