“You’re fired.” Trump’s days are numbered. 64 and counting until Jan. 20

Fortunately there remain a few level headed Republicans who have refused to drink the Trump kool-aid.

In Wayne County, Michigan President-elect Biden received approximately 72 percent of the votes. 412,000 to Trump’s 143,000. Republicans are upset. Trump got clobbered in a county with a predominantly black population. In the 2010 census the county’s black population was over 40 percent.

The effort to discredit the vote is nothing more than thinly veiled racism.

After two Republicans refused to certify the presidential vote in Wayne County a wellspring of outrage and protest erupted.  

The two Republicans had the good sense to realize they were flouting the will of the voters and, once again, bowing to the soon to be exiled, disgraced and former President.

These officials know there’s more to life than Trump.

Excerpted from Washington Post 11.17.2020

In reversal, GOP officials in Detroit, Michigan county certify ballot count after striking a compromise with Democrats.

 Republican appointees on a key board in Michigan’s most populous county Tuesday night reversed their initial refusal to certify the vote tallies in the Detroit area, striking a last-minute compromise with Democrats that defused a political fight over the process to formalize President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the state.


The last-minute twist came after the four-member Wayne County Board of Canvassers had deadlocked on the day of the deadline for Michigan counties to certify the vote — a move President Trump celebrated on Twitter as “a beautiful thing.”

The initial refusal of the Wayne County GOP officials to certify the vote drew outrage from Democrats, who said the Republicans were playing politics with the vote, and emotional objections from local election officials, who noted their staff have worked 16 hours a day for the past two weeks to certify the results.


“We have been here tirelessly,” said Jennifer Redmond, the deputy director of elections for Wayne County, calling the move a “slap in the face.”

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Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) called the two Republican votes against certification a “blatant attempt to undermine the will of the voters.”


“The process, however, will move forward,” she said in a statement. “Under Michigan law, the Board of State of Canvassers will now finish the job and I have every expectation they will certify the results when the job is done.”

The Trump campaign has alleged irregularities in the vote count in the county seat of Detroit, accusations city officials have vigorously denied. Democrats accused GOP officials of seeking to disenfranchise voters in the majority-Black city of Detroit.

State Democrats say Trump has no hope of overturning Biden’s 148,000-vote lead.

But Trump supporters have urged Michigan’s majority-Republican state legislature to try to appoint its own electors if the state canvassing board, split evenly between Democrats and Republicans, fails to certify the vote before the electoral college meets in December.


After the initial deadlock in Wayne County was met with an outpouring of condemnation, the board recessed Tuesday night and returned with a new agreement to certify the results, along with a request that the secretary of state’s office conduct a comprehensive audit of the vote tallies.

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Republican board Chair Monica Palmer, who initially said that she did not “have faith that the poll books are complete and accurate,” said that the compromise addressed her concerns.

“I appreciate putting our heads together to come to a solution,” Palmer said.

The reversal in Michigan came as the Trump campaign has faced a string of failures in its beleaguered effort to overturn the result of the election through the courts. In the latest defeat on Tuesday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected the campaign’s claim that GOP observers did not have sufficient access to the vote count, underscoring how the president’s claims of voting irregularities have repeatedly run aground before judges.