Mainstream media out to destroy San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin

The mainstream media’s unceasing, dishonest and disingenuous attacks on District Attorney Chesa Boudin are an insult to San Francisco. In office for a year the DA has implemented many policies he advocated during his victorious campaign.

The MSM is doing the work of the Police Officers Association which spent nearly $1,000,000 to defeat Chesa Boudin in 2019.

Unable to sink their collective teeth into a tabloid style scandal the mainstream media in the most craven manner has become fixated on the New Year’s Eve tragic deaths of two women on the streets of San Francisco.

Chesa X 1.8.2020.jpg

DA Chesa Boudin being sworn in January 8, 2020 as Mayor London Breed and Chesa’s wife Dr. Valerie Block look on

Their deaths were caused by a parolee who, by many accounts, should have been in jail.

The entire onus has shamelessly been placed on the shoulders of the District Attorney by a sensationalized local media.

Enlightened media outlets have put out a more nuanced and balanced story. Regrettably these outlets do not have the audience of the MSM.

Last Sunday the San Francisco Chronicle ran a scurillous editorial damning Chesa and taking several shots at progressive District Attorneys. I wrote a letter to the editor. It has not been published. It follows.

The crime by Troy McAlister resulting in the deaths of two women on New Year’s Eve is reprehensible. Particularly for their families. The Chronicle is taking advantage of a criminal act and tragedy to destroy the District Attorney. It is simply wrong to state that Chesa Boudin has failed to take responsibility. He has consistently assumed accountability in several media appearances. The DA has stated that the responsibility is shared. The District Attorney, Department of Corrections, San Francisco and Daly City Police Departments. He will carry the psychological burden with him long after leaving office. The editorial glaringly states its real agenda. Frustration that its preferred candidate was defeated in 2019 and a slap at progressive justice. The Police Officers Association, which spent nearly 1MM to defeat the DA, must be ecstatic that the Chronicle is doing its bidding for them.

Writing in 48 Hills long time local journalist Tim Redmond has published two recent pieces.

The first (1.5.2021) is a detailed analysis of the New Year’s Eve tragedy and the relationship of several law enforcement agencies; San Francisco Police Department, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Daly City Police Department and San Francisco District Attorney.

The second (1.14.2021) is a retort to the Chronicle editorial. It includes letters to the editor which the paper squelched.

Top photo – DA Boudin with Mayor London Breed