Great Highway Reality Check IV. Taking to the street supporting freedom for Cyclists

Text and photos Liz and Lee Heidhues 2.13.2021

Today is the second day of the Lunar New Year of the Ox. To celebrate a group of 50 plus adults and kids cycled through the Richmond District of San Francisco. Many of the streets we traversed are now car free.

I had the opportunity to engage in conversation with several high placed City Hall functionaries who were along for the ride. I also spoke with a well known local print news reporter. I provided them with my unvarnished point of view about maintaining a CAR FREE San Francisco on The Great Highway.



The City Hall executives listened carefully and are receptive to making permanent the long term initiatives now in place which they promoted. I pointed out the entitled motorist community is a vocal and often obnoxious minority which will push unabashedly to drown out and overwhelm those with a different perspective.

I explained that my earlier posts have been the subject of personal attack, including one in which I was told by my advocacy for a CAR FREE Great Highway I am putting myself, “at risk.”

My audience only shook their collective heads.




7 D1 bike ride.jpg



1 Liz D1 bike ride