Banned on Nextdoor for questioning the unfettered rights of car owners.

Lee Heidhues – 2.16.2021

I have been banned on my San Francisco Nextdoor neighborhood site for advocating that the Great Highway adjacent to the Pacific Ocean  be permanently designated a car free zone.

In the past week I posted a series ‘Great Highway Reality Check I-V.’ Four of these posts have been posted on this site and migrated to Twitter.

The latest Post ‘V’ was titled ‘Life on the Disinformation Superhighway.’ It included as graphics a couple of photos from The Simpsons TV series. The post made mention of the misinformation and exaggerations directed my way regarding making The Great Highway a car free environment.  

There have been approximately 500 comments to date.

There was never one example where I showed personal disrespect toward a Nextdoor user. That is presumably a criteria for Nextdoor banning a user.

 The irony of my expulsion is that I have been personally attacked for my views, including one comment directed at me saying I am placing myself “at risk” for opposing the unfettered right of motorists to drive wherever and whenever they choose.

I also been told I should move out of town to Berkeley and that I have no business discussing this matter because I do not own a car.

So much for progressive San Francisco values.

Disinformation Superhighway III 2.15.2021.jpg