Inaugural poet followed by security guard. “This is the reality of black girls.”

The level of systemic racism is beyond disgusting. It is endemic and a 300 hundred year part of American culture.

 Vile and corrosive blatantly racist behavior is a pestilience which will never be eradicated in this country

A victim of this vile scourge is the young black woman, 22 year old Amanda Gorman who was accosted by a clueless half wit security guard. This rent a cop clown  isn’t intelligence enough to read Ms. Gorman’s poetry.

These uneducated morons  are patroling the streets of America. It’s insane.

Ms. Gordon was too polite and declined to identify the racial identity of the brainless fool who accosted her on Friday night.

The Guardian of London 3.6.2021

Poet, acclaimed for her performance at Joe Biden’s inauguration, tweeted ‘this is the reality of black girls’.

Amanda Gorman, the poet who won acclaim for her performance at Joe Biden’s inauguration, has told of being followed home and accosted by a security guard who allegedly claimed she looked suspicious.

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She said the incident, on Friday night, was emblematic of “the reality of black girls” in the US, in which “one day you’re called an icon” but the next day considered a threat.

She said in a following tweet: “In a sense, he was right. I AM A THREAT: a threat to injustice, to inequality, to ignorance. Anyone who speaks the truth and walks with hope is an obvious and fatal danger to the powers that be.”

Gorman, 22, from Los Angeles, shared a post she made in February which said: “We live in a contradictory society that can celebrate a black girl poet & also pepper spray a 9 yr old” – in reference to a recent incident in Rochester, New York, that led to protests and three police officers being suspended pending the completion of an investigation.

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A favourite with Democratic establishment figures, the youngest inaugural poet in US history was named the country’s’ first youth poet laureate in 2017, when she was a student at Harvard. The Guardian has contacted her for further comment. She did not indicate the ethnic origin of the security guard.

A Virginia state legislator, Mark Keam, tweeted: “Let this story sink in. And realise how – while I’m glad it ended safe for Amanda Gorman – this type of confrontation is an every day occurrence for millions of our fellow Americans.”