Someone is happy in San Francisco. $1.8M lottery ticket. Where’s the winner??

The news may be generally gloomy and a much needed big rainstorm is headed our way reports the Weather Channel.

Someone in my Richmond District neighborhood is smiling.  Or maybe not, yet.  The lucky person has yet to step forward and cash in the Mega Millions lottery ticket worth $1,800,000.

I hope the winner didn’t leave the winning ticket in the clothing and threw it in with the wash.

San Francisco Chronicle 4.21.2021

Somebody in San Francisco is holding a little piece of paper worth $1.8 million.

It’s a Mega Millions lottery ticket and, even though $1.8 million does not technically count as “millions,” it’s still a lot.

“It’s the most anyone has ever won here,” said Andy Huynh, the manager of the Richmond New May Wah Supermarket at Clement and 8th Avenue, the store that sold the winning $2 ticket.


The winner has not yet come forward and Huynh has no idea which of his customers it is. But the store and its employees are very happy because the store owner gets a $9,000 bonus for selling the ticket and often store owners share the wealth in the form of bonuses to employees.

lottery ticket II 4.21.2021.jpg

“I hope so,” said Huynh. “I hope the boss does something.”

The winning numbers were 6, 23, 43, 49 and 52. In Mega Millions, the idea is to pick five numbers between 1 and 70 that match the 5 numbers drawn from the machine. The odds against doing that are 12.6 million to 1. And the odds against picking the 5 winning numbers along with the Mega number are 302 million to 1.

Huynh said about half of the store’s customers buy lottery tickets with their groceries and about half of his customers buy lottery tickets without their groceries.

The other big winner in the Mega Millions draw on Tuesday is the IRS, which will get 24% of the prize.