Happy milestone. One Year of JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park being Car Free

It was one year ago today, April 28, 2020, that San Francisco made a 1.5 mile thoroughfare on JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park a car free zone. During the past year thousands upon thousands of cyclists, walkers, runners, people of all ages have used this oasis not polluted by automobiles.

Currently there is a serious campaign to make this section of land a car free zone forever.  Various San Francisco agencies are studying the plan to make JFK Drive car free a reality for current and future generations.

Today a small, dedicated group of car free advocates gathered to celebrate the occasion and renew their vow to press on until JFK Drive is permanently car free.

Photos – Lee Heidhues

Jodie Medeiros – Executive Director Walk San Francisco

45 JFK Car Free 4.27.2021




15 Car free JFK 3.20.2021