First Republicans drank Trump Kool-Aid. Now the meal. “Where’s my Beef?”

 Democrats are wrong when they claim Republicans are “hitting a new low.”  There’s no “new low.” This is the norm. Republicans have always been nothing more than reactionaries pandering to the lowest common political denominator.

Trump took the Republicans into the Land of Nonsense from which there is no way out. The latest.  A false narrative about the President Biden taking away their hamburgers. 

Excerpted from The Hill 4.30.2021

The conspiracy theory that Biden wants to ban beef gained steam in Republican circles and conservative media in the past week, fanned by lawmakers such as Rep. Lauren Boebert (Colo.) who accused Democrats of wanting “to limit us to about four pounds [of beef] a year.”

The false claim was sparked by a report in the Daily Mail, a tabloid based in Great Britain, that said Biden’s climate plan could limit burger consumption to one a month per person. Biden’s actual climate plan makes no such recommendation; the claim appears to come from a study unrelated to the White House that is itself based on a hypothetical question.

Another false story, first published by the New York Post, said Vice President Harris’s children’s book “Superheroes are Everywhere” was being included in the welcome packs of migrant children at the border.

Both stories became fodder for conservatives all week, underscoring a Republican fixation on cultural issues. Democrats argue it will end up hurting the GOP in the end.

“They’re showing everyone every day how f—ing small they are,” said one Democratic strategist bluntly. “This isn’t even a strategy. It’s carrying on Trump’s lies.”

Trump and his Beef

Some Republicans are also worried about the issue.

“Is it a strategy? I don’t think it’s a strategy,” said Tony Fratto, who served as deputy press secretary to former President George W. Bush. “I think these kinds of conspiratorial rumors are a feature of the modern Republican Party.

“This isn’t something that happened to the party,” he added, pointing to the party’s embrace of controversial figures such as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), who has been criticized for espousing conspiracy theories. “And they’re not just spreading these bizarre ideas. They have a hand in manufacturing them. They are part of the machinery.”

Beef scare I 4.30.2021.jpeg

Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.) said his party shouldn’t be embracing the conspiratorial narratives.