Liz Cheney is going down taking Liar Trump and gutless Republicans with her

Lee Heidhues – 5.11.2021

I am no fan of Liz Cheney.  

She is a hard core Republican conservative who has consistently spread the Fox News talking points for decades.  Her staunch conservative record has been discussed in frank fashion in recent days by such publications as The New York Times and The Nation.

It makes it all the more surprising that Liz Cheney, amongst her spineless and gutless fellow Republicans is taking down Donald Trump in the most frank and stark fashion. For her act of standing up to the Republican mob she is going to lose her leadership role in Congress, soon to be voted out.  

It’s obvious listening to her statement on the floor of Congress that Liz Cheney thinks it a small price to pay. For this act of defiance and politcal courage she deserves a shout out.

Video of statement on floor of Congress attached.  Watch and listen.

Liz Cheney II 5.11.2021.jpg
Congresswoman Liz Cheney and Wyoming state flag