The Long San Francisco March. On The Great Walkway. Discipline and tenacity

Lee Heidhues 5.17.2021 at The Great Walkway March and Rally

Senator Scott Wiener (D-SF) made an impassioned plea to designate both The Great Walkway and JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park permanent pedestrian and cyclist thoroughfares. The Senator implored the crowd to stay strong and work until the goal is achieved.  In stark terms he said emphatically San Francisco cannot return to the pre Pandemic way of life where cars dictated public policy.

San Franciscans have been advocating for decades to have open space where the all encroaching automobile cannot enter. Thousands who have been pushing this goal to make San Francisco an acknowledged World leader in fighting climate change are close to victory.

The effort will continue until  entrenched political interests designate The Great Walkway a pedestrian and cyclist thoroughfare by the Pacific Ocean.

Sunday a large crowd of all ages rallied, cycled and walked down The Great Walkway to express their resolve and determination.

9 GH Rally 5.15.2021.jpg
Surfboarding down The Great Walkway
17 GH Rally 5.16.2021 Liz
Blog contributor Liz saddles up
Senator Scott Wiener addresses The Great Walkway Rally

22 GH Rally 5.16.2021.jpg

12 GH Rally 5.15.2021
Taking a shot
2 GH Rally 5.15.2021
Seabird looks on
20 GH Rally 5.16.2021.jpg
The band plays on
15 GH Rally 5.16.2021
Getting ready to go down The Great Walkway
The Great Walkway spirit
10 GH Rally 5.15.2021.jpg
Sunday morning on The Great Walkway
The Great Walkway overlooking the Pacific Ocean

Photos – Lee Heidhues