Apple Pie, Memorial Day and Baseball. Pursuing Justice. Pursuing Victory.

Liz Heidhues – Master baker, photographer and blog contributor – 5.31.2021

How American can we eat?

When the Pandemic and skyrocketing legal fees for a Pursuit of Justice render bare a senior couple’s cupboard, help is just around the corner. The San Francisco Marin Food Bank makes certain no senior citizens go wanting.  The selection from the Food Bank is unprocessed and it is healthy. It requires cooking, baking, or a deft touch to be made into satisfying, nutritious recipes. At the End of the Day a little elbow grease and devotion turns out mouth watering masterpieces.  This plethora of apples from The Food Bank ended up in a Memorial Day pie.   Made from scratch apple pie celebrates Mom (the cook), Memorial Day and the San Francisco Giants.  Memorial Day 2021 the San Francisco Giants win for the sixth time in the last seven games. The Giants are now in first place in the National League West. The local boys will prevail in their Pursuit of Victory. Go Giants. Go Justice!!

10 Apple Pie.jpg
King Arthur Baking Co. Organic Unbleached flour. 100% employee owned.
5 Apple Pie
1/4″ apple slices ensure uniform baking.
The apples are mixed with Baker’s Sugar, flour, Meyer lemon juice, Vietnamese Cinnamon, pinch sea salt.
Dough scraper (left of rolling pin) easily unsticks rolled-out dough
Apple pie bakes to perfect in ancient Wedgewood stove.
2 Apple Pie.jpg
Louisville Slugger bat, Rawlings baseball and ready to eat Apple pie

Top photo. Hall of Famer Willie Lee McCovey Bobblehead. Nicknamed “Stretch”. Left handed power hitter.