Hit-Run Vandalism Crimes Debase Slow Streets San Francisco

Liz Heidhues – Blog Contributor 6.7.2021

Unpack the Carnage being wreaked upon Slow Streets Cabrillo by enraged Drivers turned to anarchists in their efforts to bully the city and the pedestrians, bicyclists, joggers, kids, people in wheelchairs, pets and urban wildlife from using Slow Streets for an essential recreational sanctuary and place to socialize.

21 Slow Streets 36th Ave 6.6.2021.jpg
Slow Street signage destruction

The crimes of hit-and-run and vandalism occurring daily at intersection after intersection of Slow Streets Cabrillo are documented in this photo montage.

The Definition of Misdemeanor Hit-and-Run includes damage to property by Drivers who flee the scene.

18 Slow Streets 41st Ave 6.6.2021.jpg
Vandalism of Slow Street signage at 41st Avenue and Cabrillo as runner passes by

The legal Definition of Vandalism includes willful or malicious destruction or defacement of public property.

The crimes upon Slow Streets Cabrillo are being fueled by our addiction to the automobile and the sense of entitlement that Motorists driving on the streets of San Francisco monopolize. The Motorists feel that the rules do not apply to them.

Motorists blatantly violating “Road Closed” signage at 35th Avenue and Cabrillo

Here is a blatant example of an Act of Bullying of a pedestrian by a Motorist on Slow Streets Cabrillo at the intersection of 40 th Avenue & Cabrillo. The pedestrian happened to be Me.

While documenting the Wreckage of a Slow Streets barrier by the dual crimes of hit-and-run and vandalism, I heard a car pull up and stop behind my back.

Young cyclist enjoys Slow Street Cabrillo

I turned around and faced the unfriendly visage of a guy behind the wheel of a car going in the opposite direction to the lane in which I was standing.

The Driver’s window was rolled down.

Slow Street vandalism at 37th Avenue and Cabrillo

The hand gripping the steering wheel had a cigarette dangling from its fingers.

“Why doncha just move the thing instead of taking pictures of it?” the Driver taunted me from his opened window.

Walking the dog on Slow Street Cabrillo

I had no words to respond. I could only look back into the guy’s face. I felt uncertain about what he might do next.

Abruptly the Driver started up his car and sped off.

Memorial to motorist killed by hit and run driver 33rd Avenue and Cabrillo

He drove rapidly, past the mangled Slow Streets barrier I was photographing and arrogantly past the succession of all the other Slow Streets’ barriers in the distance.

The Motorist continued down Slow Streets Cabrillo in total defiance of the signage directing “Road Closed to Traffic” and the 15-mph speed limit designated for Slow Streets.

I watched the car with black-and-yellow Nevada license plates disappear off the Horizon.

Neighborhood cat walking across Slow Street on Cabrillo

After being taunted to move a mass of broken wood and twisted metal that had been left behind by the Hit-and-Run Crime of a Driver of a two-ton vehicle that kills and maims, I couldn’t give a hoot if the Driver was from out-of-state or local.

Bird slain by motorist on Cabrillo Street
5 Slow Streets Cabrillo 5.24.2021
Neighbors enjoying Slow Street Cabrillo
Motorist blatantly violating Slow Street Cabrillo driving by vandalized signage