‘Nightcrawler’ journo Dion Lim bullies victims and witnesses in San Francisco

Liz and Lee Heidhues 6.14.2021

The Washington Post has an in-depth Oped critiquing the salacious reporting done by the media to try and destroy Chesa Boudin. The article analyzes ABC-7 News reporter Dion Lim for her ongoing unethical and lie-laden attack on the San Francisco District Attorney.


Dion Lim’s conflict of interest must be exposed. It is obvious she has an agenda in her continuing assaults on DA Boudin.

Dion Lim violates any sense of journalistic ethics when she provides false information to witnesses and victims of crime. She then continues this Jihad against Chesa Boudin by providing the same false information in her on-air reporting.

Nightcrawler III 6.14.2021.png
Nightcrawler on the job

Dion Lim bullies heroes who have acted as good Samaritans when witnessing a crime being committed. She coerces statements from good Samaritans and victims of crime to denounce Chesa Boudin. Dion Lim lies to them by stating the DA is dropping, or has dropped charges, when he has done no such thing.

The “limitation of harm” law states that you must withhold certain information from the public when the accused is a minor. Dion Lim has illegally released information regarding minors. Dion Lim has misstated the actions of the District Attorney who by law is prohibited from divulging information about a crime when a minor is involved.

Dion Lim reported that the case was not being charged. This is a lie. The reality is that the DA’s office had a Court date on calendar but is precluded from discussing the case because it involves a minor.

Journalism’s “code of ethics” states that truthfulness, accuracy, impartiality, and public accountability apply to reporting news.

Conflicts of interest are to be avoided as well as disclosing names of minor children in the interest of “limitation of harm.”

Obviously, Dion Lim has escaped from under the gimlet eyes of the Radio Television Digital News Association.

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Flag of The Nightcrawler