Insidious anti-Semitism in attempted San Francisco District Attorney Recall

Liz and Lee Heidhues 7.9.2021

An emerging target in the attempted Recall of Chesa Boudin, SF District Attorney, is Chesa’s Jewish roots.

Anti-Semitic social media attacks on Chesa Boudin are insidious and akin to the treatment meted out to Jews in Germany prior to The Holocaust.

Recall proponents in San Francisco’s Richmond District have come out in full attack mode on Chesa’s religion to bolster a case to remove him from office.

The Anti-Semite overtones in the Recall proponents social media posts on Nextdoor have a disturbing impact on how Chesa performs his job.

The opprobrious comments are masquerading as a raison d’étre for the attempted Recall.

Chesa is proud of his Jewish roots. He said, “Judaism has been a constant theme in my life” mentioning ancestors who fled from the fringes of the Tsarist Russian empire, the result of anti-Semitism and poverty.

A public official’s Jewish background should never be used for the purposes of ridicule and contempt.

Following is a display of some shocking commentary about Chesa Boudin on a social media platform.

Nextdoor I 7.9.2021

Jewish Community High School 2019
Then-candidate Chesa Boudin at mic with (from left) JCRC executive director and moderator Abby Porth, Suzy Loftus, Leif Dautch and Nancy Tung at Jewish Community High School of the Bay in San Francisco, Sept. 10, 2019 (Photo/Brandon Davis-JCHS)

Nextdoor II 7.9.2021

Young Chesa 7.9.2021
Young studious Chesa Boudin in 1986