‘You can see the storm coming’: Bay Area eateries requiring proof of vaccination

Those who still refuse to be vaccinated to put it bluntly, are stupid, selfish and are putting their fellow citizens at risk.

The Pandemic is far from over despite what people want to believe. 

People are foolishly resuming their old habits and not showing the discipline and patience necessary to fight off the Covid-19.  Now with the increasing virulence of the Delta variant the public is increasingly at risk.

Even those who have been fully vaccinated are not immune.

Excerpted from San Francisco Chronicle 7.22.2021

With coronavirus cases sharply rising in the Bay Area, more restaurants and bars are requiring or planning to require proof of vaccination to enter.

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Previously an action \taken only by a few of the most cautious owners, the concept of allowing only vaccinated individuals inside businesses is gaining steam amid concerns about the rapidly spreading and more infectious delta variant.

“Right now it’s March 10, 2020. You can see the storm is coming and no one has the courage to sound the alarm,” said Matt Reagan, co-owner of Palmetto and the Kon-Tiki in Oakland, by email. He noted that some careful diners are already avoiding indoor dining, and he wants to make sure those people know some restaurants are still taking the pandemic seriously.


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Health experts say indoor dining is one of the riskiest activities because diners must remove their masks to eat and drink. While these experts say the risk of getting seriously ill from dining inside a restaurant for fully vaccinated individuals is relatively low, the level of risk is rising because of the prevalence of the delta variant.

Now, some restaurants and bars are checking physical vaccine cards at the door or the state’s QR code system via myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov. Others will also accept a recent negative coronavirus test result. As for unvaccinated people who want to dine at a place on this list, eating outdoors often remains an option.

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