Moronic Missoula luddite self-serving selfish moms and dads put kids at risk

Here is today’s example of People Behaving Badly – Missoula Montana edition.

Either these so called adults don’t read the news or are totally oblivious to the Pandemic, now nearly two years running, which continues to leave its imprint on planet Earth.

Sadly, it’s the children who will ultimately suffer for the parents selfishness and stupidity.

Excerpted from The Missoulian 8.26.2021

Local parents are suing Missoula County Public Schools, Target Range and Hellgate Elementary over masking requirements to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


The 11 parents are also suing on “behalf of their minor children,” most of whom are enrolled at the three districts. One family involved in the suit claims to have unenrolled their children at Target Range School District due to the district’s mask mandate.


Those involved with the suit claim that the required use of masks at the three districts is against the law, and infringe on a person’s “right to privacy, dignity, and free expression without the necessary showing of a compelling government interest in doing so.”

The general allegations against the school district call into question scientific evidence by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization regarding the effectiveness of masks.

The suit also alleges that the mask mandates at the three districts do not accommodate the needs of children with autism or asthma.

Missoula anti-vaxx III 8.26.2021.jpg
Montanans protest in front of former Governor Steve Bullock’s house – July 2020

“Wearing a mask constitutes to many an outward sign of trust in, loyalty to, or submission to the honesty, wisdom, and power of the government,” the plaintiffs claim in the suit.

The plaintiffs are represented by local lawyer Quentin Rhoades of Rhoades Siefert & Erickson.

The parents in the suit are joined by Stand Up Montana, a nonprofit organization based in Gallatin County. The group seeks to provide support for legal action against school districts across the state that are “illegally masking our children,” according to its website.



Court documents filed with the suit claim there are “many” Missoula County residents enrolled as members with Stand Up Montana, which says it now has over 2,500 members from around the state.


Stand Up Montana says it’s preparing to file a similar lawsuit in Gallatin County against Bozeman Public Schools after its board voted in favor of universal masking.