San Francisco unmasked. In the cross-hairs at the de Young Fine Arts Museum

Every Picture Tells a Story – Masks Required edition

Liz and Lee Heidhues 8.26.2021  

This is your Blogger at the de Young Museum before viewing the Judy Chicago exhibit on Members Only Day. Standing with a daughter and her boyfriend. I had just pulled down my Mask to give the full frontal view to the photographer.

In the next shot I struggle to pull my Mask over my chin as the daughter rolls her eyes and the boyfriend rivets himself to the unfolding drama on the left. A museum Minder, who had been setting up for a presentation, screeches her trolley cart to a halt and rushes over. She busts me with a stern admonishment. 

I don my Mask quickly. With the mask now fully in place, the witnesses to my transgression put on their faces the Alfred E. Neuman expression: “What, me worry?”

Alfred E. Neuman 8.29.2021.jpg
Alfred E. Neuman

The de Young Minder had targeted me in her cross-hairs and rung me up for being un-Masked 10 seconds in the indoor venue.


Dad busted III.jpg

Dad busted IV.jpg

Top artwork – Judy Chicago – Wolves in the cross-hairs

Masks and Vaccines continue to be controversial no matter where and in which venue. Even cartoonist Gary Trudeau finds the Controversy worthy of Lampoon.

Doonesbury 8.29.2021


Doonesbury I 8.29.2021