SF Chronicle: Censorship of The Great Walkway Advocates on Opinion page

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Lee Heidhues – August 31, 2021

Chronicle Letter to the Editor 

Subject:  Censorship of The Great Walkway Advocates on Opinion page

The blatant censorship displayed on The Chronicle editorial page towards advocates of The Great Walkway is appalling and a total disregard of journalistic norm.

Thousands of people have demonstrated their advocacy for The Great Walkway to be designated a permanent site for the sole use of pedestrians, runners and cyclists of all ages.  This advocacy is well documented in the public  record.  An undeniable fact of which The Chronicle is well aware having published several pieces since The Great Walkway was opened in April 2020.

Since The Great Walkway has once again become a polluting auto thoroughfare The Chronicle has been loath to publish any letters submitted by advocates of The Great Walkway.

The Chronicle, which seeks to pride itself on representing diverse viewpoints, is contradicting its own values by continuing to give a free ride to the motorists who blithely continue to destroy  the environment in this time of Climate Change and unending wildfires setting California ablaze.

28 GW rally Scott Wiener 8.15.2021.jpg
Senator Scott Wiener at left addresses The Great Walkway advocates 8.15.2021