Who Won the War on Terror: From 9/11 to 1/6. Bin Laden’s Catastrophic Success

The arch Washington establishment publication, founded in 1922, marks the 20th anniversary of 9/11 with a deep look into the 20 year so called War on Terror and its impact on America in particular and the world in general. Who Won the War on Terror?

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Foreign Affairs is the must read bi-monthly magazine for the foreign policy establishment and  apparatchiks in Washington and capitals around the globe. What  makes the current issue with its unvarnished look on the World 20 years after 9/11 must reading is the clear eyed analysis. There are six articles. The most sobering is titled “From 9/11 to 1/6. The War on Terror Supercharged the Far Right” by Cynthia Miller-Idriss.

The illustrations, one accompanying each article, are by Brian Stauffer, a noted artist whose contribution to this special Foreign Affairs special section, give it added weight.

The top illustration is for Ms. Miller-Idriss piece.  The other illustrations follow with the title and author of each article.

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Enter a captionBin Laden’s Catastrophic Success – Al Qaeda Changed the World-But Not in the Way It Expected – Nelly Lahoud
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Them and Us – How America Lets Its Enemies Hijack Its Foreign Policy – Ben Rhodes
Brian Stauffer VI 9.4.2021
The Good Enough Doctrine – Learning to Live with Terrorism – Bryan Byman
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Resistance is Futile – The War on Terror Supercharged State Power – Thomas Hegghammer
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Winning Ugly – What the War on Terror Cost America – Elliot Ackerman


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Brian Stauffer