Chameleon faux progressive San Francisco Sup shifts gears on JFK Drive

Lee Heidhues – Artwork by Liz Heidhues – 9.17.2021

San Francisco chameleon Faux Progressive Supervisor Connie Chan’s Self-serving September 7, 2021 Press Release is nothing more than gushing self praise for her deplorable plan to open Car Free JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park to vehicular traffic.

The Supervisor has become a handmaiden of the most entrenched interests in San Francisco who want nothing to impede their goal to make money under the rubric of providing culture to the masses.

JFK Drive is their piggy bank. Supervisor Chan is the cashier.

Connie Chan leans on her fellow Supervisor Shamann Walton’s scurrilous and absurd quote earlier this year comparing the Car Free JFK Drive to ‘The Segregated South’.

Make no mistake. Connie Chan is demonstrating the most chameleon like behavior.

Connie Chan ran on an environmental platform which got her an endorsement from the staunch climate advocacy group Sunshine Bay Area and enabled her narrow win in 2020.

Now that she is safely parked in City Hall, the Supervisor’s driving objective is catering to the self entitled motorists.

Supervisor Chan is largely responsible for the August backroom deal which opened The Great Walkway to cars after 16 months as a pedestrian and cyclist only thoroughfare.

Now Supervisor Chan has set her environmentally destructive sights on permitting cars once again to pollute JFK Drive and enable parking near the De Young Museum and Steinhart Aquariam.

This is all about money. The environment and right of the people to have an open, safe recreation space be damned.

21 GW Connie Chan
Stealing The Great Walkway – Easy as stealing candy from a baby.

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PRESS RELEASE Supervisor Connie Chan Calls for Safe and Equitable Access to GGP

16 JFK Car Free Frida Kahlo II 4.11.2021
Cycling by car free De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park