San Francisco’s most beautiful public spaces should belong to people, not cars.

Letter to the Editor San Francisco Chronicle 9.19.2021

I applaud the Chronicle (editorial 9.19.2021) for taking up the cause of the environment and advocating for a car free JFK Drive and Great Walkway.  For months a strident and noisy legion of motorists have driven out The People of all ages who seek  safe and secure venues to cycle, walk and run. Equally important is the Chronicle’s calling out those in City Hall who let themselves be intimidated by the unrelenting motorist din. Several Supervisors ignored a deliberative process which was in place. When the Board was on vacation these legislators knowingly colluded with Mayor Breed to thwart a goal which would place San Francisco on the map as a leader in the time of environmental degradation and climate change.

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San Francisco Chronicle Editorial 9.19.2021