Fire them all. 200 S.F. cops want religious exemptions from city’s COVID mandate

Why do the cops deserve special treatment in the time of Covid-19?

These people serve the public which needs to be assured that the cops who protect the citizenry are themselves protected.

If they don’t want to get with the program and comply with the Covid-19 mandate, FIRE THEM ALL.

Excerpted from San Francisco Chronicle 9.24.2021

Nearly 200 members of the San Francisco Police Department have applied for a religious exemption from the city’s employee vaccine mandate, the highest number of waiver requests from any city department, by far.

Some jobs, like being a police officer, can’t be performed from behind a desk or online. And if unvaccinated officers continue to interact with those in the community, they could put themselves or others at risk, the Department of Human Resources said.

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About 91% of the city’s 35,140-person workforce is fully or partially vaccinated, but 2,706 employees, or 7.7%, still have not been vaccinated. Meanwhile, 1.4% of workers — 489— haven’t reported their status.

The rules require employees who work in high-risk settings, like police officers, to be vaccinated by Oct. 13. All other employees must be fully inoculated by Nov. 1.

In the 2,835-member police force, 366 employees are unvaccinated. Of the unvaccinated, 193 want religious exemptions and eight have requested medical exemptions. The others have not requested any waivers.

It’s unclear how many of the unvaccinated police staff are front-line officers and how many work in administrative roles.

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The Department of Human Resources said 157 exemptions have been tentatively approved, but officials are still reviewing the requests.

San Francisco was the first large city in the country to require all of its employees to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, unless they have a valid religious or medical exemption.