Feds cave to howls of The Entitled mob of drivers. Put brakes on Park parking fees

Lee Heidhues 10.14.2021

Paying for parking in Federal parks and the howls being heard from The Entitled is yet another skirmish in the San Francisco Do Cars Rule the World battle?

As the excerpt from The San Francisco Chronicle shows the Feds have caved to the howls of The Entitled Mob.

Its ironic that some who profess to appreciate the environment, including elected officials, are howling the loudest about having to pay to park in Bay Area national parks.

The struggle for car free zones is being waged in San Francisco with The Great Walkway and JFK Drive being Ground Zero. San Francisco Supervisor Connie Chan, whose district encompasses JFK Drive and The Great Walkway, can now ad the Lands End area to the list of environmental battle zones.

Lands End II 10.14.2021.jpg
Cyclists at Crissy Field in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Supervisor Chan has already betrayed the Progressives who put her in office in 2020 and taken the side of the most reactionary elements amongst The Entitled in the JFK Drive and Great Walkway battle.

The Supervisor must know one way to get people to leave their vehicles and find alternative modes is to make it costly to park.

She doesn’t care. She wants to get reelected. Period.

Supervisor Chan should commend the National Park Service, a steward of the environment, for putting forth this sensible proposal.

Excerpted from The Chronicle 10.14.2021

As the country’s national parks confront record crowds, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, home to the Presidio, Marin Headlands and Stinson Beach, is looking to introduce parking fees to ease the higher cost of operations.

Lands End III 10.14.2021.jpg

Not everyone is happy about this. Members of Congress, a powerful dog advocacy group and about 900 letter-writers are among those fighting the proposal, which calls for a $3-an-hour or $10-a-day parking fee at eight sites in San Francisco and Marin County. The sites, where parking has long been free, include such locally popular play spots as Baker Beach, China Beach, Lands End and Rodeo Beach.

On Thursday afternoon, in an unexpected turn, GGNRA officials told The Chronicle they were reconsidering their proposal in light of the feedback and would hold off on charging for parking in at at least some of the spots. Which ones remains to be seen.