Anti-vaxxer loonies in San Francisco. “An organic diet feels like enough protection”

Lee Heidhues 11.11.2021

The loonies and crazies in the anti-vaxx brigades have landed in San Francisco.

One likes to think that “progressive” San Francisco is immune from the madness being spewed by the social media MAGA brain addled hordes of anti-vaxxers.

It’s a disconcerting and scary reality that the mob of semi-literate luddites, losers, clowns and morons have established a beachhead in this historic City.

It’s time to rise up and educate these mindless nihilists. This loathsome anti common sense behavior must be called out for what it is.  A Clear and Present Danger to the majority of intelligent people.

Excerpted from San Francisco Chronicle 11.11.2021

A vehicle struck five people — two California Highway Patrol officers and three Golden Gate Bridge workers — on the bridge Thursday as they attempted to control a large crowd of protesters who were rallying against vaccine mandates.

Christine Rich of Sacramento said she attended the rally to support people’s right to choose what kinds of treatments they use to fend off illness. For Rich, an organic diet feels like enough protection, she said.

“I’m actually trying to catch COVID so that I can develop the antibodies,” she said.

A couple hundred people were at the demonstration on the San Francisco end of the bridge, angry at and skeptical of authorities who say they need to be vaccinated to do their jobs.

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Rich and others at the protest repeated debunked conspiracy theories about the vaccines, their effectiveness and the coronavirus itself. The federally approved COVID-19 vaccines, Rich said, are a “bioweapon” that the government is trying to activate by putting it in people’s arms, she said.

Leigh Dundas, an attorney and anti-vaccine advocate, helped organize Thursday’s rally at the Golden Gate Bridge and said it was the culmination of a four-day nationwide walkout among employees of businesses or industries that have mandated that their workers get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“Conditioning your job in a jab that is still experimental … is not just unconstitutional, it’s unconscionable,” Dundas told The Chronicle.

She and other rally-goers denounced COVID-19 vaccines and mandates as ways to control the population, bankroll pharmaceutical companies or shape the country’s politics.

City Hall Protest I 5.9.2020

Many carried signs bearing slogans such as “Show us the science” and “Our kids are not lab rats.” Some inaccurately compared vaccine mandates to communist or Nazi policies.

At about 6 p.m., two CHP officers and three Golden Gate Bridge personnel were struck by a vehicle in the traffic lane just north of the toll plaza, located northbound on the way out of San Francisco, CHP Off. Andrew Barclay told The Chronicle. Two CHP officers and one bridge representative were taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, Barclay said. The incident appeared to be accidental. The driver stayed at the scene and was cooperating with the investigation, Barclay said.

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