WSJ Op Ed is trash talk masquerading as intelligence by a MAGA camp follower

Lee Heidhues 11.27.2021

The Wall Street Journal, the written news satellite of the Fox News empire (see top photo), published a Michael Shellenberger MD blatant hit piece on San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin carrying the headline –

The Weather Underground scion isn’t the first district attorney they’ve elected on a soft-on-crime platform.

I responded on Twitter to his Account @ShellenbergerMD.

For telling Michael Shellenberger MD my opinion of his writing (see below) in a public forum he blocked me from accessing his Twitter account.  Furthermore, The WSJ rejected my opinion in its Comments section.

Weather Underground Scion. Who dredged up that canard? The WSJ @FoxNews

Nightcrawler headline writer or YOU? Doesn’t matter. Your Op Ed is trash talk masquerading as intelligence from a Trump MAGA camp follower. Insurrectionists of the failed January 6 Coup. You are aligned with America’s reactionary cadres

This self proclaimed intellectual spokesman for the Law and Order and a vigorous climate denier is receiving a lot of buzz for his latest broadside “San Fransicko”

Michael Shellenberger II 11.27.2021
Michael Shellenberger MD with Tucker Carlson on Fox News

A book length disingenuous diatribe casting blame on all the problems impacting San Francisco at the doorstep of Progressive policies. DA Chesa Boudin is his current Progressive out of flavor of the month.

Michael Shellenberger I 11.27.2021.png
Michael Shellenberger MD with his fellow climate change deniers

Further information about Michael Shellenberger MD Environmental Progress foundation  based in Albany, California can be found by accessing the attached link.