“Scion of the Weather Underground”. Who cooked up that slanderous headline?

Lee Heidhues 11.28.2021

I stand corrected and give credit where due.

The Wall Street Journal, after deliberating, published my Comment in response to Michael Shellenberger MD,  author of the incendiary hit piece  posing as non-fiction “San Fransicko”,  proud Climate Change denier and author of the scurrilous Op Ed in The 11.27.2021 print edition  of the WSJ attacking San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin.



Michael Shellenberger II 11.27.2021
Mike Shellenberger MD with Fox News flamethrower Tucker Carlson

“Scion”. Who cooked that up? The WSJ @FoxNews Nightcrawler headline writer or  Michael Shellenberger?  Doesn’t matter. Your Op Ed is propaganda masquerading as intelligence from a Trump MAGA camp follower. Insurrectionists in the failed January 6 Coup. You are aligned with America’s reactionary cadres who hope to take down the San Francisco fairly elected District Attorney. What this MAGA propaganda piece does not not say is that the DA Recall campaign spent 1.4MM using paid mercenaries from around the country to gather signatures at an average $17.08 each. The Recall will meet the same fate as did the DA Losers in Los Angeles who couldn’t gather sufficient signatures to qualify for the ballot. More apt is Philadelphia where Larry Krasner, a “Progressive”,  re elected with 70 percent of the vote. Intelligent voters can see through these Right Wing extremists and their collaborators who, unhappy with an election subvert the will of the electorate. It won’t work.


Chesa Boudin NYT I 11.25.2019.jpg
Chesa Boudin on election night in San Francisco 11.5.2019

Top photo – San Francisco District Attorney on inaugural night 1.8.2020