A festive holiday party on a cold winter day on the JFK car free Promenade

It was a happy day a week before Christmas on car free JFK Drive as a large group of people of all ages gathered on a cold December day to celebrate The First Annual JFK Promenade Holiday Party.

Musicians entertained the crowd. There was artwork being created by the kids and a Bubble Lady added to the joyous occasion.

Photos – Liz and Lee Heidhues – 12.19.2021

JFK Holiday Announcement 12.19.2021

4 JFK Holiday 12.19.2021
The holiday crowd on car free JFK Drive
10 Liz JFK 12.19.2021.jpg
Getting bundled up


The musicians entertain the holiday crowd
18 JFK Holiday 12.18.2021
The Bubble Lady
Young artists hard at work
Cycling attired in a Unicorn jacket


9 JFK Holiday 12.19.2021
Bike-Cycle Granny Liz 
7 JFK Holiday 12.19.2021.jpg
Holiday Menorah
Dancing on a cold Sunday on car free JFK Drive

JFK Holiday Announcement II 12.19.2021.jpg