“Massive but pointless threats” from Israel. Iran fires ‘warning’ to Jewish state

The average American pays scant attention to the volatile and dangerous Middle East.  Or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

The typical American, an isolationist at heart, is too wrapped up in his own concerns about the Pandemic, trying to pay the bills and looking forward to the next football game.

This leaves little time to ponder what happens across the globe allowing the average American to  go blithely on believing events abroad have  no consequence or could have any impact on them.

Admittedly there is a sizable minority of Americans who keep informed about global events. Sadly these people are the exception to what should be the rule.

Excerpted from Deutsche Welle 12.24.2021

An Iranian military chief said that the military exercises were a response to “massive but pointless threats” from Israel. The British government sharply condemned the missile launches.

Iranian missile tests IV 12.24.2021.jpg

Iran has previously said that it’s short and medium-range missiles can reach Israel, as well as US bases in the region.

Military drills conducted this week by Iran were intended to send a warning to Israel, the country’s top military commanders said on Friday.

Iran conducted these drills in the Persian Gulf amid concerns over possible plans by Israel to attack Iranian nuclear sites.

The war games included firing ballistic and cruise missiles. State television showed missiles flattening a target which resembled Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor.

Why did Iran conduct the military drills?

Iranian missile tests III 12.24.2021.jpg
An Iranian warship test fires a Cruise Missile

Iranian Revolutionary Guards chief General Hossein Salami said this week’s drills were intended to send “a very clear message” and a “serious warning” to regional rival Israel.

“We will cut off their hands if they make a wrong move,” Salami said on state TV.

Armed Forces Chief of Staff Major General Mohammed Bagheri said 16 ballistic missiles of different classes had been fired.

Bagheri said that the drill was an answer to Israel’s recent “massive but pointless threats” to Iran.

Iranian missile tests I 12.24.2021
A missile explosion behind a member of the Iranian national guard