The Crow. A neighbor close by the Pacific Ocean. Very social and caring creatures

Liz and Lee Heidhues 1.1.2022

The Crow is on Maleficent’s shoulder in Sleeping Beauty.

Crows are secretive and can count. Most Crows can count to three.

What are these birds up to?

Dressed as for a funeral, caw-caw-cawing, the Crows in our backyard have become tame. The Crows mess around in our dog’s water bowls.

The Cherokee word for Crow is “koga.” Koga acquired its black color in a futile attempt to acquire the first fire.

Loud, rambunctious, and highly intelligent, Crows are most often associated with a long history of fear and loathing. Crow’s black feathers associate them with Death.

Research has demonstrated Crows are actually very social and caring creatures and also among the smartest animals on the Planet.

The Crow also has a dark place in American culture. The 1994 film The Crow was forever cursed when Brandon Lee, son of martial arts icon Bruce Lee, died after being accidentally wounded by a prop gun during filming. The movie was released after his death and has become a Cult classic. This tragic accident has led many people to believe to this day the film was cursed.

The critical consensus states: “Filled with style and dark, lurid energy, The Crow is an action-packed visual feast that also has a soul in the performance of the late Brandon Lee.”[

The following photo montage shows The Crow in a more benign setting as a good neighbor and source of entertainment.


16 Cawfkas.jpg


14 Cawfka




25 Cawfka Liz

Photos – Liz and Lee Heidhues

A still from The Crow – 1994. Cult classic film. Alex Proyas director
This soundtrack is dedicated to the memory of Brandon Lee.

35 The Crow.jpg