A Natural artist perfecting her craft with an avant garde perspective

Lee Heidhues – February 1, 2022
Our daughter Atlanta Kane (nee Heidhues) has been innovative and outspoken since her youth. Her artistic talent has alway been evident.
A single mother Atlanta was born and raised in San Francisco. She has lived in Marin County, California an area close by the Pacific Coast going on 20 years. The natural landscape gives her a wide swath of subject matter.
Atlanta is consistently in the artist’s studio producing her creations. There is only one word to aptly decribe her work. Avant Garde.
16 Atlanta 2,1,2022.jpg
5 Atlanta 2.1.2022.JPG
4 Atlanta 2.1.2022.jpg
Atlanta Kane (nee Heidhues) self portrait
7 Atlanta 2.1.2022.jpg
Atlanta’s daughter Justina Kane

15 Atlanta 2.1.2022.jpg

14 Atlanta 2.1.2022

8 Atlanta 2.1.2022.jpg

3 Atlanta 2.1.2022.jpg

11 Atlanta 2.1.2022

12 Atlanta 2.1.2022

2 Atlanta 2.1.2022.jpg

1 Atlanta 2.1.2022

  1. new and unusual or experimental ideas, especially in the arts, or the people introducing them.
    “works by artists of the Russian avant-garde”
  1. favoring or introducing experimental or unusual ideas.
    “a controversial avant-garde composer
    Atlanta Kane (nee Heidhues)